Diamonds in the Ruff Dog Services

Dog  Behavior Counseling and Nutrition
Training with Love, Trust and Understanding

Meet the team

  1. Tonya Landon
    Managing Director
    Tonya has been training dogs for over 25 years. She knows how to train from clicker training to low level ecollar training. She believes in teaching the dogs right from wrong. Her training is balanced, which means there are rewards and punishments in her training. She loves training dogs and their owners.
  2. Stetson
    Managing Director
    Stetson has been working with dogs since he was adopted 10 years ago from Second Chance for Homeless Pets. He has stared in a movie (Stetson Street Dog of Park City), was in a commercial (voya financial), has done print work, walked in a dog fashion show, played Sandy in the play, "Annie", played Max in the play, "The Grinch" and writes a monthly article for Pets in the City Magazine.
  3. Griffin
    Managing Director
    Griffin is Stetson's brother and also helps him and Tonya help train other dogs. He has worked in a dog fashion show and has done some print work. He is a smart little quirky guy that likes to be with his brother, Stetson.