Dog  Behavior Counseling and Nutrition
In Home Dog Training
This is a great service for those that need or want one on one training with the trainer. The trainer comes to your home and teaches you how to train and work your dog. The cost for an in home private training is $120/hour done in our working service areas which are Salt Lake City and Park City. Other areas will be charged a service fee on top of the training fee.
​Mineral Fur Analysis
​For Dogs and Cats

​Why Test for Minerals?        

* Minerals play an integral role in the body’s many cellular functions.

* An Analysis of the minerals can quickly provide information about the endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular and other body systems.

* Mineral deficiencies are among the most common and serious nutritional deficiencies.

* Minerals are relatively easy and inexpensive to measure accurately and reliably.

* Toxic metals are known to affect many body systems and organ functions.

* Hair is simple and non-invasive to sample as a biopsy material.

* Because hair is a non-essential tissue, the body often stores toxic metals in the hair and prevents vital minerals from being lost through the hair.

* Hair provides a record of recent metabolic activity.

* Mineral analysis is a predictive and preventive test.

* A fur mineral analysis test is great for dogs that are suffering from allergies, emotional or behavioral issues, and health issues or as a preventive.